This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-05-05 05:00:00 to 2021-06-01 04:59:59. View results

Hello, Agent 14 Here, and I've decided to host a top-secret meeting with you... we need your help defeating the worst league of enemies known. They are known as Boredom, Ignorance, and Chaos!

Your game has to include:

- Stealth mechanics

- One of the three villains as an obstacle or boss. The villain chosen has different weights:

     1. Ignorance

     2. Chaos

     3. Boredom

- Must be PG, no NSFW or other things that may otherwise be found offensive or obscene.

- Made with Makecode Arcade (

You must be a member of the makecode forum to submit a project, but if you are under 13 or don't want to join the forums, ask an adult or other person you know is in there, although you must mention you forum name and profile url (looks like, and if you submitted this for another person, they may not reveal sensitive information, but they may wish to include a nickname, and I will properly mention them when results are given. I will contact the forum user to ask if they submitted the project.

Criteria (ordered from most important to least important):

- Stealthy? (Judges)

- Fan Vote (Participants)

- Creativity (Judges)

- Effort (Judges)

- Playability (Judges)


I have just extended deadlines! The submission period has been pushed back to the end of this month. Judging will be shorter since I have a big test June 9th, so I need to prepare for it.