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October 4th will mark 60 years from the launch of Sputnik-1, the first artificial satellite in orbit.

 We have been surrounded by amazing space events these months:

the great american eclipse..

the final days of Cassini..

and Voyager probes have reached their 40th year soaring towards the stars...

In that honor, let’s make some games / experiences / screensavers on the weekend of October 6-8th, with the theme of


Use the hashtag #SputnikJam to spread the news about the jam, share your ideas or development updates.

The jam is open for everyone, doesn’t have any restrictions, you can use any tools! You can make anything! Note that although the submission dates are 6-8th, nothing is stopping you to start working on your game / experience / screensaver now!

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cassini homage postcard
A fiery screensaver
Run in browser
Blast yourself into the air and shoot down satellites!
Guide Sputnik through a dangerous asteroid field.
please accept my videogakme, thank
A really short game made for the Sputnik Jam #SputnikJam
A procedural solar system generator.