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Welcome to the CPGD Spring Virtual Game Jam!

Theme: There Are Too Many

General Info

  • Location: Fully virtual at the CPGD Discord
  • Start Time: Wednesday, April 28th at 7:00 PM
  • End Time: Sunday, May 2nd at 12:00 PM


  • Stick to the theme as best you can but its not required
  • Credit anyone involved, and the owners of any assets you use
  • Don't make an adult only game 
  • Have Fun!

The Plan

Day 1 - Wednesday April. 28th:  

6:30 PM: We will begin our weekly meeting at the CPGD Discord channel at our usual time

7:00 PM: Theme announced. Begin brainstorming

7:30 PM: Pitches and group formation

Consider making a Discord channel for your group, or you can use the voice channels on the CPGD Discord

Day 2-3 - Thursday April. 29th - Friday April. 30th:

Work with your group throughout the days as you have time.

Day 4 - Saturday May. 1st:

10:00 AM: Officers will be on the Discord channel

Continue to work on your game throughout the day. This should be your most productive day!

Day 5 - Sunday May. 2nd:

10:00 AM: All participants should join the CPGD Discord voice channels to prepare their game for presentations

12:00 PM: Game Presentations!



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A fast pace arcade bullet hell about dashing into bullets and enemies to attain huge scores
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