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Use up to 4 colors at once to make some spooky or spoopy games all September long!

Use as much or as little time as you like!

We just want to have some nice spooky (or spoopy) 4-color games so we can play them in October!

If you need some palette inspiration, here are some of the 3-Color Jam entries from 2017

You can share gifs and screenshots using #SSJam on twitter

(P.S. You don't necessarily have to use pico-8 -- and the '4-color limit' is for what is on-screen at a given time. Swapping palettes is perfectly fine.)

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dont play this game. it is too spooky :o
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Spooky September 4-color Jam 2019
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You have been put in front of a emergency court. Defend yourself or die trying!