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Saturday, September 21st 
Saturday, September 28th

Hi there!   We are running a Game Jam/Competition for the Month of October, themed around the best holiday in the year.  


Allowed Themes:

In this Game Jam, you are tasked for completing a spooky or Halloween themed visual novel.  This could mean...

  • A Horror Genre Visual Novel
  • A Visual Novel that takes place on the holiday
  • Individualized themes related to Halloween.  Examples: Monsters, Ghosts, Costumes, or Candy.
  • Creepypasta version of an existing work you created.

Awards and Judging Criteria

We will be offering awards for the following categories!

  • Itch.IO Favorite:  Receive the most votes from the public!
  • Judge Favorite: Receive the most votes from the judges!
  • Best Logline:  Judged to have the best log line (1-3 sentences with what your visual novel is about.)
  • Best Thumbnail: Judged to have the best thumbnail in your submission!
  • Best Motif: Judged to have the best recurring motifs!
  • Best Monster/Costume.

Prizes and awards to be determined by October 1st.  Jam Ends October 31st.


  1. Tag your submissions appropriately!  If there is violence, substance abuse,  mature themes or other such things, please list the types of content within it.
  2. We respectfully request that all submissions be made for audiences under 18 years old! We won't complain if you change it after the jam.
  3. New assets may be worked on prior to the Jam's start time to a 'concept' state.  Concept art, outlines, visual or audio motifs and such may be established prior to the jam.  External resources are exempt from this rule as long as they are also available for usage/purchase by other participants.  


1. Can I submit my (Other Game Jam) Jam submission too?

As long as it fits the above criteria and was created within the same time span as this jam, then yes!  


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A Monster Befriending Simulator
Visual Novel
Katie just moved into a quiet town on Halloween. Before she's able to settle in, she is wrapped up in an old mystery.
Visual Novel
Two girlfriends celebrate halloween in the zombie apocalypse.
Visual Novel
You don't need to be a kid to celebrate Halloween with your friend, and your friend's romantic suitors.
Visual Novel
Crow Cafe is a supernatural dating sim!
Visual Novel
Visual Novel
Survive in a looping horror
Visual Novel
Play in browser
A visual novel about surviving in a horror maze.
Visual Novel
Five pairs of hands, five smiles. Lunaria has fallen for five lives, and prays that those lives will not fall for her.
Interactive Fiction
Curse these meddling kids
Visual Novel
find the sign. find the king.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Spooktober Jam Entry
Visual Novel
You're alone with/in your room.
Visual Novel