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Splinterlands is hosting our second Game Jam!!!  $1100 in prizes!

The Splinterlands team is excited to announce our second public game jam!!! 

The game jam is hosted on and you can start building immediately.

The game deadline is May 19th.

 What's a game jam?

A game jam is a competition for developers to make mini games.  In this case we want them to be Splinterlands themed.  We'll be hosting the game jam on

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a block chain trading card game.  We're primarily based on the Steem block chain, but we're starting to branch out by incorporating Tron as a first step.  If you're not familiar with blockchain technology in our case we're using it basically like a big public open source database.  The items and units we create for our games live on a public database and can be traded back and forth for various currencies.

What is Steem?

Steem is a blockchain that's great for apps to be built on top of it.  The main blockchain people know is bitcoin and all the others are generally considered "altcoins."  Steem is usually ranked in the top 50 altcoins by marketcap.  Splinterlands is built on top of Steem and uses the Steem Blockchain as a big public database with lots of nodes that verify the data on it.

Why Steem?

The Steem blockchain is particularly well suited for building games on it because:
It has 3 second block times so transactions are cleared quickly.
It's a freemium blockchain.  It doesn't cost anything to transact, you are bandwidth limited, but by staking more money here you can increase your bandwidth.
There's a community of gamers already present and already familiar with cryptocurrencies.

What's up for grabs?

The prize pool is 1000 Steem, 100 beta booster packs for Splinterlands, and a gold foil legendary summoner currently worth ~$500.  That's a total prize pool worth $1000 paid!


The rules are pretty broad and open.  You're welcome to use assests that you've already put together (though previously winning games are excluded in this).  We also have a number of items we've already created ourselves that you're free to use and include.

Contest entries can include short works of fiction as well as games of all sorts.

Eventually the game has to be hosted at for it to be reviewed.

You'll have until the exact deadline.  Anyone who submits a game after the deadline is explicity excluded from winning prizes (don't be that dude!)

You must also post an article on Steem about your game.  If you don't have a Steem account @aggroed can make you one and you can contact him in Discord or through email at

Pre-existing game assets you're free to use under our copyright lisence (see below)!1G5QGagB!2hqFx9K5tSDzwl6A62yloQ


Splinterlands is happy for you to keep your copyright and use our artwork and materials in what you produce on some minimal conditions.

1.  You don't compete with us directly on any type of card sale.
2.  You don't make them purposefully spew hate speech in a way that glorifies hatespeech (the bad guy can be bad and say and do terrible things, but you can't glorify their badness)
3.  You brand your game "Splinterlands+"" unless you actually lisence it with us for 10% of revenue.
4.  You keep it safe for work
5.  You site that the material is owned and opensourced by


We're assessing the game on:

Inclusion of Splinterlands assets
How fun the game is
Does the game have at least some portion that's fully functional

Special bonus consideration: 

Tie aspects of the game to Steem using pretty standard APIs many of the Steem Devs can help with.

A way that the game can use Splinterlands cards as payment 
The game checks ownership of cards before a player is allowed to use that specific card (if you don't have a Roc you can't play the Roc in game).
You issue a token on the platform and players receive tokens when they do specific things.

Dev resource for the Steem blockchain/database

Splinterlands aka steem monsters

* Get latest transactions
* Transaction lookup by ID
* Collection lookup by account name
*,card_id2 Specific card lookup
* Card details and stats
* Number of each type of card in circulation
* Market info for each type of card
* Market listings for a specific type of card
* Status of a specific market listing
* Status of a specific purchase
* General settings and configuration for the game
* Top battles list
* Player battles list
* Status of a specific battle
* Results of a specific battle
* Number of card packs sold / remaining
* List of referrals by account name
* Receive an encrypted access token for a player to make authenticated API calls
* Player information

PS.  Do you have a game that you have built which allows users to collect various resources?  This could be a good fit for porting over as well.  Message aggroed in Discord and let's see if there's a way to get your game on Steem.  Various games that started on steem made $20,000 in their first week.  Yours could be next.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Steem Monsters / Splinterlands Discord

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