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Spooktember and Spooktober are here!

To celebrate the two spookiest months of the year, I'm hosting the Spectrum of Horror game jam. To participate, you need to write a short TTRPG or LARP using one of the following titles and themes:

Blackout (darkness horror) 
Red Trails (murder horror) 
Orange Light(fire horror) 
Yellowed at the Edges (journal horror) 
Green Grasp (earth horror) 
Blue Depths (ocean horror) 
Purple Veins (body horror) 
White as the Snow (ice horror)

When you submit your game, use the provided title, followed by your name. For example, Red Trails, by Tracy Barnett. That will help differentiate between submissions from different writers.

Each game should be horror-themed, but must avoid the following topics: racism, transphobia, sexual assault, harm to chlildren, or harm to animals. Each game also needs to include an explicit content warning, as well as safety tools for any and all players.

Also, this isn't a competitive jam, but if you want to be extra, you can write one game per category, which will take you right up to the final day of the jam on Halloween!


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Homicidal Horror in a National Park
An asychronous horror game for 2