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Make a game that:

  • Is set in space
  • Involves programming

What is 'space'? Anything even vaguely spacey: literal outer space, in orbit, on another planet, in an abstract space-ish setting, it's up to you!

What is 'programming'? You decide! As long player does something vaguely programming-flavored as part of the gameplay. (Think more like 'Zachtronics' than 'the hacking minigame from Fallout 3')

Other rules:

  • You can use any engine, premade assets, etc. you want
  • Feel free to finish a half-finished idea that fits the theme
  • If you start working before the official start it's not like anyone is going to check your time sheets
  • Obviously don't steal assets you don't have the rights to
  • "Space" and "programming" are two extremely anodyne topics so it feels faintly embarrassing to even say this, but don't include bigotry of any sort in your game
  • Use common sense: I'm not going to list out every possible bad thing you could do, they're still against the rules

Technical requirements:

  • None

Obviously the more people who can run your game, the more people are likely to play it, but it's your call.


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