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The Southampton Game Jam is coming back for a third time and we hope you'll join us!

Our last two events have been huge successes and we've seen some awesome games created. Take a look at some of them in these videos or play them at

The Southampton Game Jam will take place at the University of Southampton February 10-12. You can get tickets at our website.

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2 player Strategic Warfare
Conquer the world
Revolutionary new puzzle game for Southampton Game Jam 2017.
A dark forest; a lone fox; one revolutionary flame.
Death to Bears!
As (2x) nobles, competitively dance your way out of execution in revolutionary France!
Play in browser
4-player co-op shooting game
Four friends get together to stamp some paper
Control all the things. Blast all the aliens.
Catch incoming musical beats using a revolving dial.
A board game about becoming moon president
For Southampton Game Jam 2017. Theme: "Revolution"
get objects! make bombs!
An iOS revolution game
DirectX Edition
Very basic (and a bit broken) top down obstacle based game