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Songs and Sagas is a condensed OSR inspired tabletop role-playing game of axes, runes, spirits and legends. In this game, all players work together to unveil the story of fierce warriors striving to forge a new life in the midst of an unforgiving alien wilderness.

But it's also more than that. It's also an open-licensed game system and toolkit fine-tuned to allow others to easily create their own game of exploration and dangers. 

It employs familiar rules while adding fresh twists, is solo-friendly, highly compatible with OSR games and bestiaries, and much more.

➤ Read the Creator Kit (SRD, guidelines, logos, license)


The Jam

The goal of the jam is to design and publish a game based on the system that powers Songs and Sagas, or to release a third-party supplement to be used with the game within the set deadlines of the jam.


You can price your game as you wish. You could use a "Pay What You Want" model or make it a paid game. Use the model that you are most comfortable with. If you submit a paid game, consider providing community copies!


To make your game reach as many people as possible, use the #SongsAndSagasJam tag, and don't hesitate to tag @rpdeshaies so that I can do help you boost it!


You can release a document or game in any size or format you desire. "Songs and Sagas" was released in a landscape bifold pamphlet format, making it very accessible, as people could print it at home and use it as is.

That being said, if you want to create a full-fledged book using this system or as a complement to the original game, go for it!


The text of Songs and Sagas is available for use under the ORC License. To make a something based on Songs and Sagas, simply include the following text in your game: 

This work is based on Songs and Sagas, product of Fari RPGs (, developed and authored by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas. This product is licensed under the ORC License available online at various locations including All warranties are disclaimed as set forth therein.


Here are some useful resources you can use during the jam.

    • Check out the creator kit, SRD, design guidelines, license details here.
    • You can download "Carried in Songs and Sagas" logos here.
    • You can join the Fari Community on Discord here.

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