Submissions open from 2019-09-12 15:00:00 to 2019-09-14 15:00:00
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OH!                                  A game jam wich talks about 'Music'?                               Take a look!

What is 'Song Jam'?

The Song Jam is a game jam made by a person who loves the music and what the music can make you feel, because for everyone just a song can make you feel many feelings and also  it can remember you many things. This is the first game jam I host so if you have any suggestion or question, please, contact me :) Thats the way I want to improve more and more this kind of game jam. Email --->

When is 'Song Jam 2019'?

The jam will take place  from 12th September at 5:00pm until 14th September at 5:00pm,.  The voting will be end on 15th September at 5:00pm. Everyone can vote!  Dont forget!

What is the theme? Is just music or something related to?

How I said at the beggining, this jam are for music lovers no for musicians exactly. So thats the way it works:

1º -> When the game jam start I'll upload on Song Jam's page a video clip of a song.

2º -> Take your time to listen and watch again and again and again... and then choose your own theme. But the theme has to be related to this video clip and have a meaning.     

Example:  - A song about love show two childs playing together ---> the theme you choose is 'the friendship'

What do I win?
There is no prize to this game jame because it's my first jam I host, hopde for the next have a delicious prize! Now really, have fun and try to learn all you can.

Other information:

You can do solo or with a team. Any engine is allow, assets included. Dont forget the credits on your game, the game jams are use to be good portfolios as well. Good luck!