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Welcome to the first Social Game Jam ever hosted by the gaming platform  

Down below you can read more about what is, the game jam you'll hopefully enter and the prizes you can win!

What is is a web-based gaming platform that enables the usage of smartphones as controllers connected wireless to a computer that'll work as a console. This means that a player doesn't need to buy additional hardware or download any games to be able to play them. Just social and fun gaming for everyone!

Why do host a Game Jam?

We host this Game Jam as we want to help more game developers get reach for their games. As we are both gamers and game developers ourselves we know the joy of exploring new games with friends and family, and especially games made by indie-devs!

What is the theme of this Game Jam?

The theme for the Game Jam is social gaming, and a game need to have support for 3 or more players. The more social the game is, the better! Other than that, create whatever theme you like; card game, shooter, car race... We love'em all! :)

For inspiration check out or browse the web for couch-games

Is there any limitations in what engine I can use to create a game for this Game Jam? only support games created in Unity WebGL, JavaScript or HTML5. 

How do I enter?

To enter this game jam you have to do the following steps:

1) Create a game by using either Unity WebGL, JavaScript or HTML5

1.1) If you have time and would like to; create hand-controllers for smart-phones by going to

2) Submit your game for the chance to win awesome prizes!

What if I have any questions..?

Join our discord community if you have any question or simply want to get to know us better:

Or send us an e-mail at

What can I win?

At we know that you put in a lot of effort to create your games, so we want to give back to the community! Every game developer who enter the competition with a game gets a personal diploma from us at as a entry prize and a thank you! And the more game-jams you enter the cooler entry prize you'll receive ;)

The prizes will be as follow: 

First Prize: 

  • A GOLD diploma with team-name honouring the winners
  • Unique Tiltspot sweater (max 4 per team)
  • Work for publishing your game*
  • Specially made music for YOUR game*by the Norwegian producer CS.
  • Mentions in all our social media channel
  • 5 hours of business consultancy from the Tiltspot-team!

Second prize:

  • A SILVER diploma with team-name honouring the winners
  • Unique Tiltspot T-shirts (max 4 per team)
  • Work for publishing of YOUR game*

Third prize:

  • A bronze diploma with team-name honouring the winners
  • Work for publishing of YOUR game*

We will help you with the continuous work with your game so it can be the best and be ready for publishing.

Who will pick the winner?

The winner will be picked by a jury consisting of the founders and bord-members behind

When do you publish what entry won?

We will publish the winners of this Game Jam friday the 10th of may. 


From the - Team :)

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A browser game made in HTML5.
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Strategy Party Game
A shooting platformer where your main goal is not killing
​Jungle Jam its a game made for the Social Game Jam