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Welcome to the Winter 2023 Snappy Game Off

Here at Snappy Gurus we aim to help other aspiring game developers learn and improve by providing tutorials and creating a large community!   Annually we host two game jams, which are open to everyone, from complete beginners to game dev veterans!    Please help support and grow our innovative and creative community by taking part in the jam, and joining our Discord!    Whether you're new to game development or a veteran, this is the perfect place to put your skills to the test and join the community of 2000 game developers eager to get started on creating some amazing projects.    



The Road Less Travelled


 There are no rules on software, if you really wanted to you could make a game in PowerPoint if you saw fit.   

 There is an 8 person limit in each team, this is to keep things fair and hold up a challenge!  

You must not make any assets before the jam has begun.  

Don't use copyrighted material without permission.  

There is a limit of one challenge included per team member for extra points. 

Challenges must be posted in the discord server within the Submission channel.  

Though there are no rules on software, we would like for you to not post anything NSFW or possibly offensive or discriminatory as we want the games to be accessible to anyone.   

You are free to source assets, but please credit where credit is due, and you won't be rated upon the assets which aren't made by you.  

 Unfortunately, making changes after the deadline of the submission is not going to change what rating you get, as the rating will be based on what you have posted when the submission date ends. That being said, if you need help with uploading your game, please don't hesitate to join our Discord and ask for our help.  

Using loopholes to get around any of the rules will have you disqualified.  

Last of all, HAVE FUN!


Ratings are based on a point system which will be decided on by the Snappy Gurus staff.  

- /10 Art 

- /10 Mechanics and Gameplay 

- /10 Storyline 

- /10 Fun Factor

- /5 Theme 

- 2 extra points per team member if they each submit and include the February monthly challenge in their games. Limited to 1 submission per team member from any of the challenge categories. 

February Monthly Challenges

Writers: Flash story about a character’s life changing event 

Audio: create sound effects for a fictional vehicle 

Programmers: Create a unique travelling mechanic 

3D artists: Create a creature companion 

2D artists: Create an illustration for your dream game idea 

UI: Create UI for a cartoony platformer game 

VFX: Create VFX for an adventure game power up 

Voice actors: act out an adventurous creature companion


Winners will be released during our livestream on Saturday 11th March, and afterwards in our Discord Server.  


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find out the mystery of the avoided path!
Play in browser
Wagtail - Emotional and relaxing game.
short story adventure about a scarf floating down a mountain
Interactive Fiction
An action-packed sci-fi western adventure with your favorite Space Cowboy, Buck Dodger
Use teleport to win
You play as an elk who is going blind, with a tiny field of vision and a steady log you must reach the shaman!
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"Navigate treacherous crashes and race to the finish in this top-down infinite runner!"