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Welcome to AmalgamAsh's...

Smile Game Builder Summer 2021 Game Jam!

Let's make games, demos, experiences, proof-of-concepts, or shareable battle systems / puzzles / maps, and much more!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My goal is to make a BIG Smile Game Builder jam -- and inspire all those creators to keep working on their projects after the jam is over!
If you want to participate, AWESOME! Just make sure you read the questions below to save you time!

Here is my presentation video, though it just goes over the below points with a little flavor and hopefully clarity!

What is this!?
AmalgamAsh's Jams are always jams that are more than just game jams - they are special jams that allow the submission of games, demos, proof-of-concepts, visual novels, gamified advertisements, stories, and even assets made by / for game engines!  And, every submission gets a video presentation of its very own on AmalgamAsh's YouTube and Odysee channels!

What can I submit?
You can submit ANY of the following!
-your full game
-your demo
-your proof-of-concept
-your unpolished work-in-progress, full of bugs and in need of testing
-your project file (for others to study and possibly use as a template for their games)
-your 3d object, 2d graphics, animation, music, sound effects, voices, or any other assets intended to be used for other developers!

Do I have to use a specific engine?
Yes!  Your submission MUST be created using (or assets created for) the following engines only.  Read carefully, as other engines are not qualified!
-Smile Game Builder
-Smile Game Builder (+Unity DLC)
Be sure to specify which engine you used or are developing for in the submission form!  Submissions without this detail will be rejected, sorry!

What happens after I submit?
After the submission period ends on June 16th, AmalgamAsh will play or showcase all submissions on his channel, one submission per video per day until all of the entries have been broadcast!  During this time, voting begins!  After voting ends, a montage video will be made to commemorate the entries,  a winner will be selected and announced, and prizes will be distributed!

What do I get for submitting?
For this SGB Summer Jam, each participant of a qualified entry will receive:

-a pre-release of Ash's SGB Basic Floors / Ceilings Basic Pack!
-The official (counterfeit) jam trophy made exclusively for jam participants (this is a simple 3D model you can use in a future project if you choose)!
-A special role in the Amalgam Archive Discord
-A video showcasing their project on AmalgamAsh's channel
-A chance to win keys for select qualifying SGB games published on Steam!

Is there a Grand Prize?

-CompanionWulf's Modular Market Vol. 1 Asset Pack (a $9.99 value)!
-A special jam trophy made exclusively for the winner (this is a simple 3D model you can use in a future project if you choose)!
-Jacob's Overworld Pack 1 for SMILE GAME BUILDER (a $3 value)
-Jacob's Classic RPG Music Pack (for Smile Game Builder and RPG Maker) (a $6 value)
-CompanionWulf's Floor Terrains Pack, vol. 1 (a $5.49 value)

...Now what!?
What do you mean, "now what?"  Let's START DEVELOPING!

OFFICIAL RULES!  Please read carefully!

1.  Your submission cannot contain material that you do not have the right to distribute, and you must have the appropriate license or permission to use all of the materials in your submission!

2.  Your submission must be free and remain free as long as it is in the jam - that's an Itch rule!  If your project is planned to be commercial, consider creating a "demo" version that you can keep free and accessible!

3.  Mature themes are OK, but no explicit sexual content.  A censored version of your NSFW game may be acceptable if the focus is on gameplay -- contact me with details if you want to submit, but are unsure!

4.  You must allow me to play or showcase your submission on my YouTube, Twitch and or Odysee channels, in one or more videos!

5.  Your submission either HAS to be made in the engines listed above, or FOR developers who want to use those engines!  If you are submitting assets, they must specify in which engine(s) they can be used, and they must be import-ready to use! 

6.  Your submission must be made for the jam, OR Must have been only recently published (up to one month before submission start date), OR Must contain an update that makes it special to this jam!  You are also free to submit your project anywhere else that allows it!


Q.  Can I submit a project I made a long time ago?
A.  Yes, but only if it has had a significant update, that way it is special for the jam!  Projects published recently (~1-2 months) before the jam are also fine to submit!

Q.  Can I submit my project to other jams afterwards / at the same time as this one?
A.  Yes!  

Q.  My project is a fan project about a licensed series,, franchise or character..  Can I submit it?
A.  That breaks rule number one, but that rule was created to discourage the use of creator assets that you don't own.  However, if you want to submit a fan-game, I will allow it to stay in the jam with the understanding that it can't win or qualify for submission prizes, even if voted highest.

Q. What if I already have the assets listed as prizes?

A. If you have assets listed in the prizes and win, you can receive the cash equivalent instead.  This is only if you do have the assets and are willing to provide a screenshot or other form of proof.  The winner can also choose to defer their winnings to a runner-up -- this will mean second highest voted!

Q.  I have another question?
A.  You can message me on discord or ask in the community section on the jam page ^^  Frequently asked questions will be added here!


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A short celebration of the SGB community: a WIP with a secret map, guest NPCs and CEILINGS!
Narrative VN exploration roguelite - demo for AmalgamAsh summer SGB jam 2021
Visual Novel
Choose your fate in the dying days of the sun
Visual Novel
Interrogate suspects and look for clues in an attempt to find out who stole “The Miserable Clown”.
Interactive Fiction
A short, story-driven game, made between June 1, 2021 and June 17, 2021 for the Smile Game Builder Summer 2021 Jam.
Raven cannot die. He has a quest to complete and a big problem. No one knows him when he is resurrected.
Role Playing
Turn Based RPG w/ Open World & Branching Narrative
Role Playing
A tragic story of coming to acceptance due to our actions
Interactive Fiction
A Smile Game Builder game for the SGB Summer 2021 Game Jam
Dracula is back in this dark but cute RPG.
Role Playing