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Welcome to AmalgamAsh's...

"Smile Game Builder Summer 2020 Game Jam!"

Let's make games, demos, experiences, proof-of-concepts, or shareable battle systems / puzzles / maps!

My goal is to have made one of the BIGGEST Smile Game Builder jams -- and inspire all those creators to keep working on their projects after the jam is over!
If you want to participate, AWESOME! Just make sure you read the questions below to save you time!

"What can I submit?"
Your game made in Smile Game Builder!

"Can I use the Unity DLC to post-process or add resources / assets to my game?"
Yes, absolutely!  Please do not submit a game ONLY made in Unity, though - make sure you started the project in Smile Game Builder!

"Can I submit a game I already published somewhere else / a long time ago? "
You cannot submit a game you have already published elsewhere -- the goal to get NEW Smile Game Builder projects out there!

"I have a game I started a long time ago, but haven't published it anywhere yet.  Can I just finish it and submit it here?"
Technically, YES!  That means a game was submitted to the jam and not previously submitted / published elsewhere, which makes me happy!

"After the jam, can I publish my game somewhere else?
-I don't care if you publish it anywhere else afterwards -- I just want to be able to say it was "created for the SGBS2020GJ!"

"Can I submit a re-make or de-make of another game I've made?"
Remakes / demakes of any other project you've previously published are fine!

"Will I retain ALL of my rights to the game I submitted?  Will it still be MINE?"
YES!  Any submissions remain the property of their respective creators!  No rights of any kind are changed during submission!

"Will I be able to continue working on it and submit it elsewhere as progress is made?
Yes!  PLEASE DO!  If you are submitting a demo or a proof-of-concept, I would love to check out your game as it progresses!

"Can I submit an ADULT / MATURE game?"
This is fine!  Just let me know by marking it as Mature (18+) during submission!

"What are the rules?"
Make sure it was made in Smile Game Builder, and you can use Unity however you see fit (but don't just submit a Unity-only made game)!  Please make sure it is a new project you haven't previously submitted or shared anywhere else yet.

"When can I submit?"
Jam submissions are OPEN NOW and end on Friday, July 31st - but you can begin creating right away.  When submitting, please note which theme below is being used -- if any!
(And, if the game is intended for a Mature (18+) audience, please mark it as such during submission!)

"What's the genre?"
The games can be from ANY genre (RPG, Adventure, Survival Horror, Visual Novel, Puzzle, Etc)!  If you can make it in Smile Game Builder, anything goes.

"Who will play my game?"

AmalgamAsh may play your submission, if appropriate, in a "Let's Play" video on his YouTube channel.
Many community members from the SGB Fenix Discord are checking out the jam. and I am promoting it on my YouTube channel.  I will be leaving the jam page up and eventually will be playing every single qualifying game submitted on my channel!  When you submit your game, if you upload it anywhere else (itch, gamejolt, etc) just let me know in the submission form and I can ensure it is linked.
It will also be linked from the Athenaeum ran by CompanionWulf, so you'll have earned a spot in SGB history!

"Is there a theme?"
There are a few!  You are free to pick from any below, mix and match, or skip being constrained to a theme altogether if you want to go your own way!  The themes are:

-SCIENCE! Anything from libraries to mechs and robots to botany and chemistry to space and sci-fi...if it is scientific, it's a go.
-LOVE! Anything from romance to familial love, an Orc dating sim or one Dog's journey to rescue his owner.
-ART!  Perhaps the main character likes to craft things to make art, or travel to gain experience as an artist!  Perhaps they are a WARRIARTIST, and must BEAT ENEMIES INTO SUBMISSION TO MAKE PAINT FROM THEM!  Er...sorry, little carried away...
-Default Battle System turned off!  Anything goes as long as you don't use the battle system provided by the SGB engine.  Maybe your game idea doesn't have battles anyway -- perfect!  Maybe you want battles but needed an excuse to get creative -- wonderful!  Or maybe instead of a battle system you think there might be a more suitable way to solve conflicts with the various monsters in your game.  Awesome!
-No Default Assets!  That means no sound effects, models, map graphics, music, anything at all from what comes stock with SGB!  This way, we can really show off those DLC packs, other content creators' assets, or make our own!
-These themes suck, I'll just make a game without worrying about them!  That's fine!  All SGB games are welcome in the 2020 Summer Jam!

"Can I just throw something together?"
Boy howdy, CAN you!  A lot of game jams (like Ludum Dare) are for people who can throw something together between 48 and 72 hours, and the window for this one is much bigger so that we have plenty of time to take out of our busy schedules.  If you need to use default assets, engine-included graphics or music, or decide not to have a battle system just to make sure you have enough time, I'm not judging!

"Will there be prizes?"
Literally, there will be no judges this go-around.  We're here to populate 2020 with much-needed SGB material!  As such, no prizes this time, but if this really takes off and is popular, then a Fall 2020 game jam would be MUCH more interesting!

I'm submitting too, and results will be public during and after submissions -- see you there, er here!  And GOOD LUCK!


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