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This jam is all about compact, easy to comprehend, visually simplistic games that give you the feeling that the game takes place in an infinite world.

The inspiration for this game jam are games that are incredibly small in scope and file size but are also infinite at the same time.  Just the thought that a file of just a few mb can hold an infinite world inside of it makes me giddy! However to make things clear this is simply the inspiration for this game jam and can be interpreted in any way you please and file size is just a small aspect of making a game compact.

The focus is not to confuse the player with complex visuals but rather to play around with the idea of a tiny game taking place in a  SEEMINGLY or ACTUALLY infinite world.

This jam will be graded in 3 categories:

    • Sense of infinity
    • Minimalism
    • Compactness

Infinity is the main criteria. The function of the other two criteria is to ensure that the focus won't be misdirected by either detailed visuals or the game feeling too overwhelming by a larger scope.

Infinity:    looping,    void,    space,    procedural generation,    etc
Minimalistic:    monochromatic,    vector art,    pixel art,    etc
Compact:    small scope,    arcade,    small file size,    starts instantly,    etc


    • Must integrate some sense of infinity
    • Must be visually simplistic
    • Must be considered small

You can spend as much (or little) time as you'd like on your project. I decided to have the timespan long since people have varied amounts of time on their hands so the jam will be visible for a week before it officially starts and runs for another week. You're welcome to start as soon as you see this. You decide if you wanna collaborate for this jam or work alone, it's up to you.

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Cellular automata inspired arcade action
We are tiny, so what is there to do but explore beyond our horizons.
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an endless game where you have to destroy as many viruses as possible!
Help Smokey get out of the twisted chimney, but remember: smoke always goes up.
Not a parody...
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Explore what seemingly isn't there...
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My very first publication.
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Help Alan Turing build the first computer!
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