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Every quarter, you say to yourself "Gosh, game jams are great. There are so many jams to choose from, too—but after week three or so I just don't have the time to commit an entire weekend to a jam. If only there was a game jam that scheduled itself around the academic calendar!"

GOOD NEWS. Slug Jam is back! Slug Jam schedules itself around the academic calendar! Incredible!

Slug Jam is a one-day game jam especially for UCSC students. There will be a physical workspace on campus at the Digital Arts Research Center Room 108 from 10A–6P. Both the jam and the workspace are open to the public.

How to win Slug Jam: Make a quick and dirty prototype that you think you might want to continue working on over the rest of the quarter. Make something simple in a new engine or technology. Make a board game. Make a twitterbot that writes haiku. Just make something!

Bonus goals: Meet some of the folks who make games here at UCSC! Collaborate with somebody new!

Be prepared: Bring some snacks for yourself or to share, bring headphones, bring whatever you think you'll need.

Starting with Slug Jam 3, Slug Jam:

  1. will happen every quarter, the first Saturday after classes begin (before you have too many responsibilities).
  2. will have no official theme. There are plenty of theme generators floating around if you need a starting point.

For questions and contact, tweet at @ucscslugjam or send an email to

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    A game about telling ridiculous stories together.
    Kill the hierarchs, save your soul.