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Slug Jam is a 48-hour game-making event happening over the span of the three days right after classes start UCSC. The goal of Slug Jam is to a.) defy the laws of physics by making a complete game in a short amount of time and b.) meet some of the other folks affiliated with UCSC who make games.

Theme: Space

Basic Rules:

  1. Make a game in 48ish hours: Submissions open when the theme is announced at 7:30 PM on Friday, September 25. At 6:30 PM on Sunday, we'll show everyone what we made. (You have until midnight on Sunday evening to get the actual submission in.)
  2. It's all good: Any tool/platform is okay. Physical/board games are okay, but they should be able to be distributed digitally in some form or another.
  3. Get by with a little help from your friends (or not): Games can be made by an individual or by a group. Group formation can happen prior to the jam, but the process is easiest if you wait until after the theme is announced and you can find a game idea you want to work on.

Resources and Advice:

  • Zoe Quinn's excellent game-making resource page. Beginners should start here, but even more experienced folks can find some interesting things.
  • It takes time to build: Your best bet is to use the first evening to plan, brainstorm, prototype, form groups, brush up on documentation, and so on. Leave actual development for the two days after. Don't forget to give yourself time to playtest!
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Survive an infinite amount of enemies in this intense shooter!
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You could be taking notes... a game for digital pen tablets.
Air Hockey In Space
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