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SlugJam is a 48ish-hour event happening over the span of the three days before classes start at UCSC where we'll be making videogames from start to finish.


Basic Rules:

  1. Make a game in 48ish hours: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make a game that touches on the theme above between Monday 9/29 at 6PM and Wednesday evening at 11:59 PM and submit it here.
  2. It's all good: Any tool/platform is okay. Physical/board games are okay, but they need to be able to be distributed digitally or as a PDF.
  3. Get by with a little help from your friends (or not): Games can be made by an individual or by a group. Group formation can happen prior to the jam (perhaps via the facebook event), but it works best if everyone forms teams after the theme is announced and people have time to pitch some ideas to each other.

Other Stuff:

  • Anybody can make games: Anyone (i.e., not just UCSC students/faculty) can participate. If you—or someone you want to drag into this—has never made a game before but find the notion appealing, there are lots of tools (e.g., Twine, GameMaker, Stencyl) that might be a suitable entry point for folks without prior programming experience.
  • It takes time to build: Past experience suggests that it might be best to use Monday evening to plan, brainstorm, prototype, form groups, brush up on documentation, and so on. Leave actual development for Tuesday/Wednesday.

Leave any additional questions/comments on the facebook event page.

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A card game about power.