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Are you someone who codes, but is interested in learning more about game development or cyber security?  


Are you a graphic artist or a budding game designer?  Would you like to better your understanding of game design and have the chance to build a game about cybersecurity as part of a team?

The SECRIOUS research team are hosting their second Slow Game Jam!

This game jam includes a series of three FREE workshop/jam sessions which you can attend in person in Edinburgh or virtually on discord. Food will be provided for the in-person option and there will be experts in game design and development, and cyber security to help mentor your team.  You are encouraged to attend at least one of the days at each of the three workshop/jam sessions. 

19th and 20th April 2022: Phase 1  **SLOW GAME JAM LAUNCH**

Workshops: Triadic Game Design     Location: TBD, Edinburgh UK

Triadic game design is useful for designing games that have a purpose beyond just entertainment. In the case of this workshop participants will design a game that educates players about cyber security. They will do this in collaboration with a cyber security expert, so no previous knowledge of the topic is needed.

Designing games with an educational goal can be approached by considering the “Reality" of the problem the game designer is trying to solve and how to balance this with the “Meaning” or purpose of the game and the “Play” that the game user will experience. This three-part, or triadic, set of models is an extremely useful structure for thinking through how to best design a game that is engaging and fun for game players, but also has an underlying educational purpose. 

3rd and 4th May 2022: Phase 2

Workshop: Game Loops      Location: TBD, Edinburgh UK

Game Loops are a useful visual tool that can be used to describe game play. In this second workshop participants will examine a cyber security game outline created by a team in the previous workshop. Using Game Loops, the participants will design the interactions for the original game in further detail and create a prototype to showcase them in action. 

17rd and 18th May 2022: Phase 3 

Workshop: Bringing Games to Life    Location: TBD, Edinburgh UK

Participants will use a cyber security game outline and prototype created by teams in the first and second workshops.  They will expand upon the original work and add game aesthetics, art and dialogue to bring the game experience to life and create an engaging play experience. Bringing in tools such as the MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics) framework participants will work with a team to think though how their design decisions affect the player experience and the relationship between the player activities and rules of the game. 

Feel free to register on your own or with your friends. You will be grouped in small teams and your team will be assigned mentors for your support throughout the game jam. 


Full details and a formal signup will be available soon. Have questions? Contact to learn more! 


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