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Let's gather for a little creative game jam. #slowgame

Theme: Slow Game
Slow games are about getting away from instant gratification and letting things develop and mature without haste. Through this slow games hope to give players a more rewarding and less superficial gameplay experience.

Read more on the slow movement here:

Some of us will be meeting in person to jam the 25-26th March in London. If you'd like to join us just register here:

Anyone is welcome to join us, from experienced developers to first-time jammers, in what will be a very chilled weekend of making games. Feel free to work in a team, solo or even switch teams throughout. In the spirit of the slow movement, the jam will be all about savouring the process of creating. So bring your laptop, (maybe a pillow too) and get comfy.

If you have any questions or would like to lend a hand tweet at us on @moreelen or @ThatDannyGuy.