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Welcome to the 7th monthly game jam that will be hosted on my page!


In this game jam, your objective is to create a game where rest and coziness are the focus! But what are some examples?


Well, you could create a game where the main focus is to actually catalogue the players sleep so they maintain a solid schedule, or it could be about a super cozy town with a comfy inn and you're the innkeeper, or it could be a game about farming or tending to animals! All that needs to be present are some comfy, cozy vibes!


Your games can be tabletop games OR digital games. Anything that gets your mind in the realm of game design is all that matters to me! 


IMPORTANT: All games made at any point in time are allowed, but it is HIGHLY encouraged to make games only while this game jam is active. This is a chance to exercise your creative skills AND get your game out there, not just one or the other!

ALSO IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances are people who submit games with bigoted tones, ideologies, or dogwhistles allowed in this game jam. If your work is bigoted in any way, it can and will be rejected for submission. You have no place in my community, and please do not play my games at your tables. Also, please no NSFW submissions (you know what I mean by that).  

(This is part of a game jam series where, every month, I will host a game jam focused on a theme that begins with the same letter as the month. Please feel free, even after the game jam ends, to make your game if you didn’t meet the deadline. I believe in you!)

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Drink a coffee, roll a die, and see whether your day is improved or ruined!
Why nap when you can roll dice instead amirite?
Get some rest, and use magic and wonder to blast away anything that tries to stop you!
A sleepy, squirrely Trash Bandits hack
A cozy solo journaling encounter about taking shelter in a treehouse and meeting a new animal friend.
A solo RPG for anyone that wants to feel better about themselves in a fun or different way
Top your waffle with tasty toppings in this little game made to celebrate National Waffle Day!