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 We are all very tired, so now it is the time for sleepy games. Games about sleep overs, games about dreams, games to play as you fall asleep.

The Rules:

  • At least one player must literally sleep during play – characters sleeping is not enough. Games may start when you wake up or end when you fall asleep but consider games where you sleep in the middle or play while you sleep.
  • This game jam is pro-sleep – games must not encourage players to go without sleep for extended periods of time.
  • Don't be a bigot.
  • Make short analog rpgs (tabletops or larps). Or long ones, we're not the rpg cops.
  • Feel free to charge for your hard work. We love you.
  • Be safe and get plenty of rest.

Submissions are due October 15th.  Sweet dreams!

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a two-player hurt/comfort LARP involving naps