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Slam Jam 2 is here! If you're a South Australian developer, artist or composer who is keen on creating video games and game assets, this jam is for you! This is a longer-format jam running for 9 whole days (of course, you don't need to jam for 9 days). Submissions are open for video games and video game assets such as 3D models, concept art, sound effects and music! If it can be uploaded, and it's about games, it's probably ok!

Join the AGD Discord's #slam-jam channel to hang out and share your progress with other participants! 

Check out the theme, rules, matchmaker and FAQ below!

Thanks to Alex ( for the logo!

The theme is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

There are four mutators:

  • UNLIMITED POWER: There is no limit to how powerful you can become!
  • ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Here's your chance to make a follow up!
  • CALM UP: Things will never in fact calm down.
  • ROLL THE HARD SIX: High risk, high reward.

Mutators are optional modifiers to your jam submission. You don't have to use them (or you can use them all)!

  • Your entry must be started and completed during the jam (7PM ACST Friday 17 March to 7PM ACST Sunday 26 March 2023)
  • You are permitted to use free or paid assets, code and plugins to create your entry
    • You should note any substantial third-party content in your entry description so it's clear what your contribution was
  • Your submission must be playable/viewable
    • Windows or WebGL builds are recommended, this is not a hard requirement however
    • If you created a 3D asset, you should include a turnaround video!
  • Your entry must not infringe on the intellectual property or copyright of any person or entity
    • This generally means no fan art or games, but if you have permission from the rights holder, go for it!
  • By submitting, you agree that footage of your entry (with clear attribution) may be used by the organisers of the jam for the purpose of creating a jam showreel video, promoting future jams, and for no other reason

The matchmaker is closed for this jam! If you don't have a team yet and would like to find one, ask in the Discord channel!

  • Do I need to work on my submission for the whole 9 days? 
    • Absolutely not! How much time you dedicate to the jam is totally up to you; the jam length intentionally spans 2 weekends to give as many people as possible a chance to find some time to participate. Whether you spend a couple of hours or 2 full weekends on your submission, the point is to make something cool!
  • Can I participate in the jam by myself? 
    • Of course! Sometimes the best team is just you and your ideas!
  • Are there any prizes or ratings? 
    • Nope! Since we expect people to spend totally different amounts of time on their submissions, it wouldn't be fair to include any judging or prizes. Plus, the goal is just to make cool stuff!
  • Does my submission need to match the theme? 
    • Yes! However, how you choose to apply the theme to your submission is totally up to you. You could take it very literally, or just include some vibe of it. Nobody will be policing submissions for their adherence to the theme, but it's always a lot of fun to see how everybody interprets the theme at the end!
  • Does my submission need to use one or all of the Mutators? Nope! 
    • Use of the Mutators is totally up to you - they are just there to help inspire cool designs or give you some more boundaries to work within.
  • I don't live in South Australia, can I participate in the jam? 
    • If you consider yourself a South Australian, sure! We're not checking IDs!
  • I have an existing project I would like to complete and submit in the jam, is this ok?
    • Jam submissions should have been started after 7PM ACST Friday 17 March 2023 (basic project setup before that is fine!). In future we would love to hold jams focused on finishing projects, but the intent of this jam is to build something new.
  • How do I know if my submission infringes intellectual property or copyright?
    • If you're using existing content (images, characters, stories, music, etc) and do not have express permission to use it, you're probably infringing intellectual property or copyright. If you're making fan art, its probably infringement. Free or paid assets generally come with a licence allowing to use them! If you're still not sure, feel free to ask in the Discord channel!
  • Why is it called the Slam Jam?
    • everybody get up its time to slam now we got a real jam going down welcome to the slam jam heres your aim make a game at the slam jam
    • alright
  • I have a question or concern not covered by this page?
    • Feel free to get in contact with Sean (Graf Eisen#0039) on the AGD Discord!

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