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Create something for the fantasy tabletop RPG setting SKYREALMS.

An adventure, art, a story, an NPC, a procedure, whatever feels fun to make.

Your entry doesn't have to be a coloring book. It can be, but it's not requested, you can do anything you'd like as long as you follow the rules below:

Don't use generative AI content (unless you are a computer nerd, run the code on your machine and use datasets your own)

Don't steal art/text from others.

Don't be a fascist, a bigot.


SKYREALMS is a game neutral RPG setting, bestiary and adventure pack. It’s compatible with any system, including OSR, Troika, D&D, Med Fantasy and Space Fantasy games. The tables and lore are designed to provide a flexible storytelling experience that can be tailored to your system and your style. AND it’s also a coloring zine.

The Setting

Three floating islands drift in the thick Mist. Eerie creatures dwell among the clefts, and slumbering cyclopes lie awaiting to be awakend. Hanging at the threshold between mortals and gods, brimming with secrets and mysteries, as  charming as they are perilous: the SKYREALMS await the adventurer. 

The setting is system neutral,  but comes with conversion stat helpers for DURF, Troika, Cairn, DCC. You can submit system neutral entries or entries made for a particular system.


This Jam  is hosted by IKO. You can reach out on twitter and join the jam server on The Lost Bay discord

Art and resources

If you are looking for art for your entries, consider supporting Evlyn Moreau on Patreon, you will have access to a lot of her illustrations

Nate Treme has made several cool collections of hexagon tiles and


  • You are free to publish material compatible with Skyrealms, even commercially, provided you adhere to the following terms.
  • Art and text from the original books can't be reused or translated, unless stated otherwise.
  • You can reference and use the names of creatures, locations, mechanics freely.
  • You can't use the Skyrealms or The Lost Bay Studio logos.
  • You're not allowed to give the impression your product is published or endorsed by The Lost Bay Studio.
  • You are encouraged to use, the Sky Forged logo which you can download here

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