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While all game jams are great for developing your skills, this jam will use a unique "theme" to help focus on particular areas to work on over the weekend.

The jam is set to run until 8pm PST, but that's more to provide some breathing room if there's any issues while submitting. I highly encourage everyone to have their game wrapped up around 5pm and spend the evening relaxing and/or reflecting on what you learned while jamming :)

Feel free to use the #skilldevjam hashtag, as I and the other mods will be checking out the WIP over the weekend.


This jam doesn’t have a traditional theme. Instead, you will be given a Game Programming Pattern and a Game Design lens to focus on.

Both resources are available for free, and are excellent reads for game developers. There are 19 programming patterns and 113 game design lenses. I recommend picking 2 random numbers (between 1-19 and between 1-113 (or the lenses app has a random button!)) and creating a game that focuses on those particular paradigms. You can either use a paradigm + lens for your entire team, or each member can generate their own and share what they’ve learned!

Game Programming Patterns:

Game Design Lenses:

Bonus: The United Nations, in collaboration with several other organizations, has put together a program recognizing video games as being an extremely powerful tool for making the world a better place. If you’re so inclined, you can roll one of their Sustainable Development Goals and try to include it as a theme in your game as well :)

(Between 1-17)


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