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It's October, which means it's time for horror! Whether it's spooky, scary skeletons or playing Outlast at 4:00AM, the internet is in full-on Halloween mode, and that means it's time for a game jam! A SPOOOOOOOOOOOKY game jam! 


  1. Your game must be horror-themed. It doesn't have to actually be scary, it just has to make use of the vocabulary of horror. Skeletons, ghosts, zombies, vampires, whatever!
  2. You may use assets, code, music, etc from wherever you want.
  3. You may work in teams. 
  4. If your game is set in an asylum, I won't be mad, just disappointed. Like your dad when he found your weed stash.

A game jam by @LycaonTalks

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A story about pumpkins and ghosts
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