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Naval or Hunting

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At the beginning of this year I made a renewal of my brand, with the reason of leaving the bad practices and this led me to make the main objective in my games to: keep them simple.

As a celebration of my decision and the beauty of the simplicity I made this jam.



  • Free music and sounds can be used.

  • You need to have the credits in the game or in a external file (with the licenses of music and sounds if are not yours).

  • Your game need to have some relation with the theme.

  • You can make team.

  • It must be a completed game (prototypes, beta versions, demos are allowed).

  • Only one game for developer.

Simple DOESN'T mean:

  • Boring game.

  • No good graphics game.

  • No good music game.

  • Short mechanics game.

Please take the above as a guide for what to not do in your game.


Your game will be rated and ranked by this following criterias.

  • Simplistic.

  • Theme.

  • Entertaining.

  • Graphics.

  • Music and SFX.

Your prize will be  the proud of the public for having shown that simple means better.

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Navigate a ship to the end!​
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Short game about hunting a deer
An RPG about losing your mind.
Role Playing
Keep your eyes peeled as you hunt down your shadow doppelganger trying to kill you.
A Shoot and Sail simple game.
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