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Welcome true believers, to SideQuest 2021!

For this event: we're inviting indie creators to all crowdfund our works together in a format similar to ZineQuest or other events. But you can use itchio, kickstarter, or any similar website you want! And this time, WE'RE in control! We don't need companies to advertise for us. This event focuses on a community mentality. We'll set our plans in motion TOGETHER!

In short: this event is a collection of ttrpg projects funding during November, 2021!

Our goal as a team is to promote independent works together through networking and grass-roots publishing. If your project is part of Side Quest 2021, the work will be showcased on the Side Quest website. All participants can advertise for each other and backers can explore all works in one place. You can submit itchio pages for you works to this jam, just join for the information, or whatever you like.

The SideQuest website:

To join SideQuest 2021: submit your info here:

Project Requirements:

  • Must be a zine, pamphlet, or other minimalist work
  • Physical or tabletop works only (games, supplements, settings, etc.)
  • Must be crowd-funding on itch, kickstarter, or a similar site
  • Crowdfunding should last around two weeks
  • Crowdfunding must begin and end between November 1-30, 2021
  • Must have a print tier available
  • Your game must not promote hate speech, sexism, racism, bigotry, etc.


  • Single-color unbound, folded, stapled, or saddle-stitched zine on A5 or smaller paper
  • Include a section on safety tools in the work
  • Compensate yourself well for your work

This project is hosted by and the Zine Creators Workshop Discord channel. Event name by Marx.

For any questions, join the discord at or contact


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Solarpunk sci-fantasy mashup of BitD and 24XX in a post-post apocalypse world.
Independence, Control, Freedom & Compliance
Macrocosmic Corporate Horror Solo RPG
An OSR ruleset that is compact, light, punchy, and is easily hackable
Adventures in the subway of a surrealist city!
A Legacy TTRPG
A GM-less Role-Playing Game for 1-6 Players
A collection of 4 tiny lyric games that invite you to connect with yourself and the world around you.
Rules-light Tabletop RPG System
A sad astronaut game about stranded shipmates on a planet that wants to eat you.
A Multi-Pamphlet GMFull TTRPG for all ages.