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Learn how to design your own videogame in just one week, through practical weekly challenges delivered by some of the UK’s biggest studios. Side Quest is a totally free learning community, dedicated to showing you how to build your very own game. Get started by visiting the Side Quest website here!

Every two weeks a new quest will be set by a major game studio that tasks you with designing a game in just one week. Daily industry expert livestreams will guide you through the process of developing your game, and our free Side Quest resources will give you all the tools you need to build it. Submit your game at the end of the week to see it shared and played around the world.

This weeks quest is courtesy of Sports Interactive , the makers of Football Manager!

Quest: Teams Together

Working in a team is all about individuals with different skills/attributes working together to achieve something greater than the sum of all parts. This could be a great opportunity to team up with some fellow questers, think about interesting multiplayer modes, or even think about how creative you can be with the idea of a "team" game!

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Follow the Side Quest Twitch channel to join daily livestreams from major UK game studios streamed Monday through Friday at 3pm. Here are the speakers for this weeks quest:

Monday 1st June 3pm BST - From Your First Role in Games to COO with Matt Carroll
Join Matt Carroll as he discusses not only how to land your first role in the games industry, but how you continue that journey all the way to COO - exploring his role as COO at Sports Interactive

Wednesday 3rd June 3pm BST - Building your Brand with Kamal Miah
Kamal Miah is an expert brand manager at Sports Interactive, and knows everything there is to know about making your brand stand out. Join him as he explores the Football Manager brand, as well his tops tips for making your game shine.

Friday 5th June 3pm BST - How to be a Studio Director: a Q&A with Miles Jacobson
Miles Jacobson joins us for the final Sports Interactive Side Quest stream to explore his role as Studio Director. What is a Studio Director and what exactly do they do? How do I land a role as a Studio Director? Find this out and more at the Q&A on Friday 5th June.

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A co-op Football Experience
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two player platformer
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See if you and your Team can survive.
A fun and fast paced basketball game that you can play with a friend.