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Learn how to design your own videogame in just one week, through practical weekly challenges delivered by some of the UK’s biggest studios. Side Quest is a totally free learning community, dedicated to showing you how to build your very own game. Get started by visiting the Side Quest website here!

Every two weeks a new quest will be set by a major game studio that tasks you with designing a game in just one week. Daily industry expert livestreams will guide you through the process of developing your game, and our free Side Quest resources will give you all the tools you need to build it. Submit your game at the end of the week to see it shared and played around the world.

This weeks quest is HOUSE SPYDER courtesy of Sumo Digital, the makers of Crackdown 3 and Team Sonic Racing!

"We all need to stay home to stay safe at the moment, but what does that mean for the unseen creatures who share our living spaces? Perhaps not all of them are engaging in international espionage, but how are weevils coping with the flour shortage, and how are woodlice showing their support for the NHS? Game Jam themes are all about lateral thinking, so we encourage you to interpret the theme as creatively as you like! "

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Follow the Side Quest Twitch channel to join daily livestreams from major UK game studios streamed Monday through Friday at 3 or 4pm. Here are the speakers for this weeks quest:

May 4th 4pm BST - David Dino (Business Development)
Game Jams 

May 5th 3pm BST - Jacob Habgood (Author of GameMaker's Apprentice)
GameMaker Studio 2 Troubleshooting Q&A

May 6th 3pm BST - Joe Kinglake (Games Designer)
Game Design and Creativity

May 7th 3pm BST - Erik Johnson (Vertigo Gaming)
How to run a small GameMaker Studio Q&A

May 8th 3pm BST - Rhianne Murphy (Narrative Designer)
Narrative Design & Storytelling Q&A

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Take the control of a spider-robot and try to destroy as many enemies as you can while your health lasts.
Take the role of a killer fly in this amusing arena fighter
Can this bug help a fellow woodworker pay the bills?
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