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This is the page for the jam in June, if you want the one in July please register at this link:

We have completed this jam and somehow managed to release a game!!!!! Here are the links to the store pages and the game's website, its free so check it out!

This game jam is focused around learning to publish and release a game. (Good chance to make some mistakes without suffering!) In order to have enough time to finish and release a game, we won't be making a game from scratch. Whoever wants to will bring in one of their unfinished game projects to show. We will all vote on one to work on and get it wrapped up. 

Simultaneously we will have a group working on the marketing/legal side. We will try to do all the important/difficult legal steps as one group rather than splitting it up so that everyone has a chance to learn that. 

I think this'll be a good trial by fire way to learn the game release process. There's a big chance we'll mess up the first few times but eh, the goal is to get better. 


-Finish a game and prepare it for release

-Define a target audience and begin marketting the game

-Throw it up on as many stores as possible! (with an even profit split but don't count on much money from these games, it is meant as a learning process so they will likely loose support after the jam is finished...good for bragging rights though)

For those presenting game ideas:

-The unfinished games people bring are meant to be stuff you've abandoned. In order to finish the games in three days we will need to change the original idea a ton, it will probably look nothing like what it was meant to be before the jam... We will also need all of the jammers to have enough say in the project to enjoy working on it. So anyone that brings a game/idea will have to be willing to let it get completely changed for the sake of the group.

-If the majority of the group isn't happy with any of the games presented/doesn't think they are something we can finish in time then we will do something from scratch. Depending on how many people show up, We will plan on one large group but be willing to split into two or more if it gets too big to work efficiently. 

-It would help the marketers out if you could list a target audience when presenting your game.

Location Details:

Special thanks to Oasis games in downtown salt lake for allowing us to use their space! In order to cover the rental fees there will be a $10 charge  at the door ...unless I manage to round up enough sponsors in time. We will provide drinks and small snacks. Parking will be on the second level of the parking garage behind the building.


Thanks to Utah Geek Events and WildWorks for sponsoring a some drinks and snacks!!!


Friday 7:30pm - 12am

Saturday 10am - 12am

Sunday 10am - 8pm


275 E 400 S

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Here's the Jam's Discord Link:

Please contact me with any questions or concerns:

Joshua Watts


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