Submission open from 2017-08-01 04:00:00 to 2017-08-15 03:59:59
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About the Jam:

This jam is focused on making some cute custom graphics and using those to make a short and sweet game!

Games should be small, cute and sweet. They can also be silly, sad or spooky as long as they are still sweet.

Discord for the jam is here!

Optional prompt/theme: 

Dessert/Tea Time!


  • Graphics must be made by you, you can start working on them before the jam but they shouldn’t be 100% done beforehand. 
  • You may also start prototyping your game before the jam as well.
  • You can work by yourself or on a team and you can submit multiple entries.
  • The game can be a demo or a full game.
  • No engine restrictions. Use whatever you want!
  • No late entries.
  • Keep all entries PG 13 please.
  • Respect your fellow jammers. 
  • Have lots of fun!

Why cute?