Submissions open from 2023-04-01 13:00:00 to 2023-04-09 01:00:00
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What's this jam is about:

I'm going to give out two ideas at the beginning at the jam period.  Your job is to figure out how to make both those ideas work through game mechanics, story, and/or art.  All games submitted will be featured on the Superchocolatemilkshake channel (Link down below).

The Theme:

1 Nothing NSFW: This is going to be content put up on YouTube for everyone to see, so keep it appropriate and keep your pants on...
2. All builds must have a playable Windows version: Now I don't mind if you build for MAC or Lunix, but make sure that it can run on Windows as a base.  If you need to make a Online version if a Windows version is out of reach for you.
3. Be respectable:  Don't be too mean or harsh to others, a little trolling is fine, but no death threats or doxing
4. Relax and have fun: Yes, I get that game development can get stressful, and it's hard to push a perfect product.  But from all the game jams I've joined I've learned not to fuss to much over some little bugs or glitches.  Finding what's causing them can take to long and could cost you your submission.  So relax, I get that there is problems in the world but it's not going to change anything if you spend all your time worrying about them.


Q: How do I contact you, and do you have a Discord for this?
A: You can comment on some of the videos and posts on my YouTube channel, and I do have a Discord.  I have the link to my channel down below, and I also happen to have a link to two Discord servers down below.  The first is my personal Discord and the second is a server that I frequent, its a lovely community that will help you out with anything and they be happy to have you.

Q: Prizes?
A: No... Money is tight right now...

Q: Can I submit to multiple entries?
A: If you have the time for it, then go ahead!! The more the merrier!!

Q: Can I submit a game from this jam to another jam?
A: Depending upon the other jam's rules about that, then it's fine by me.  Just make sure that you stick to the theming of this jam.  If you decide to cram a third theme from another jam, then I will be impressed (it wouldn't have a effect on the score, but still).

Q: Are mods alowed?
A: I had some trouble with that last year... So no, not this year...

Q: When is Diagnosis Psychosis coming out?
A: When it comes out?

SUCHMISH Channel  My Discord Server  The Post Jam Productions Server