This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-07-01 04:00:00 to 2023-07-22 04:00:00. View results

Celebrate this July with the spirit of independence and creativity! Shadowdark Independence Jam, hosted by Baron de Ropp of Dungeon Masterpiece, invites all TTRPG enthusiasts to create something extraordinary for the Shadowdark universe.

Shadowdark, the independent tabletop role-playing game, calls upon your innovative minds to construct an adventure or a captivating game supplement. Your creation could be a new spell set, a ferocious group of monsters, or list of powerful magic items. Perhaps, you'd like to write a thrilling adventure that leads brave explorers into realms unknown. You decide!

This two-week long game jam is an opportunity to boost positive discussions about Shadowdark and illuminate its potential. Let's create, collaborate and celebrate the beauty of independent games together!


The winner of  this jam will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card, Limited edition Green Dungeon Masterpiece Dice, as well as their choice of a physical copy of the Shadowdark Core Rules, or all physical editions of the Cursed Scroll Shadowdark Zine!


  1. This jam is open to all, regardless of your experience with game design.
  2. All submissions must follow the guidelines provided in the Shadowdark Creator's Kit.
  3. Your submission must be no longer than 8 pages long in US Letter or A4 paper size, and must be submitted as a PDF.
  4. Your written content must be original. Pre-existing art assets are allowed. AI-generated artwork is also allowed, as long as their use is disclosed in the submission, and the submission is set as "Free to Download" or "Pay What you Want" on the submission's page. AI-written entries will be disqualified. (I work on AI in my day job. I'll know if you did it.)


Submissions will be voted on publicly to determine the top 8 submissions selected by the community. The top 8 will be judged via live stream during the final weekend July. The judge panel will be Baron de Ropp, Dungeon Dad, and House DM.