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The Theme For The Shacknews Slow Jam is...



Jam Starts: Now

Jam Submissions Allowed From: February 1, 2018 at 12:00am Pacific to March 1, 2018 at 12:00am Pacific


The jam will be hosted here on Though it is highly recommended you also share on Twitter using the hashtag #ShacknewsJam, join in on the community chat in the jam forums here (See "Community" link near top of page), and share in the Chatty.


The goal of the jam is to highlight the creativity of budding and experienced game developers who frequent the Shacknews Chatty, as well as grow the Shacknews community.  Games will be rated on Fun, Visuals, Audio, and Use of Theme.

Are there prizes?

YES!  There is a total of US$600 in the prize pool.  First place in each of the two main categories (standalone, mod) will receive US$100 cash.  First place in each subcategory (Fun, Visuals, Audio, Use of Theme) in each of the two main categories will receive US$50 cash.  Payment will be made within two weeks of the completion of the competition via PayPal.


  • Do I have to be a Shacknews community member to participate? No, anyone is welcome to participate, although we are hoping that you'll like the community and join it afterwards, or at least go check out the award-winning articles on the site.
  • Can I work with a team? Yes.  A team builder has been set up.
  • Do I have to start from scratch? No.  You may use any code and assets that you create in advance.
  • Can I submit more than one game? Yes.
  • Can I create a mod for an existing game? Yes.
  • What language or tools can I use? Anything that you have legal licenses for.
  • Are there restrictions on sound or music? You must have licenses for it or have created it yourself.
  • By submitting my game, do I give up any rights to my work? No.  Your game is your game.
  • What existing assets can I use? While it's encouraged to create original assets for your game, you're welcome to use any assets you have the legal right to use.  Please credit any sources that you use.
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LONELINESS AFTER a game where nothing is clear, but only some moments bring little clarity to what is happening...
Made for Shacknews SlowJam - Theme: Genre Change
Pac-Man inspired roguelike.
Role Playing
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A genre shift of an Atari 2600 classic
Play in browser
Bombs, Magic, Hockey.
Play in browser
Can you make it alive from banishment in the wild forest??
Mix of life simulator and JRPG
Role Playing