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SGDC's Game Jam VII. Submit your games before 7:00 PM on Sunday and come vote on the winners in person in Lieb 318!



1st Place: Memory - Adam Gincel

2nd Place: Slipspace Cartographer - James Romph

3rd Place: Project HiWay - Alex Massenzio


Best Visuals: LOST_IN_TRACKING - Christian Harrypersad

Best Sound: Laser Lab - Chris Hittner

Best Use of Theme: 8p4c

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Manipulate and make sense of the world around you.
Play in browser
The Typing Quicktime Event Based Fighting Game
Experience Experiment: Memorysort and sift through your past memories.
A short demo experimenting with rhythm games in VR.
But what happens after Life?
Multiplayer Done Multiways
A simulation where the power of the laser is put to the test.
A bullet hell survival game
Stop global warming, save ice cream.