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The theme is Duæl! Happy Jamming!



1st place: Innis Gambit (Adam Gincel)
2nd place: goto Past (Katie Bryant)
3rd place: Escort Mission (Wesley McDowell, Andrew Chen, Keith Morel)

Best Audio Design: SideTrack (Nick Ciulla)
Best Visual: Spectre Fighter (Chris Kuras, Christian Beouwense)
Best Use of Theme: Six Shooter (Chris Byrne)

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A realtime grid-based versus game.
It isn't really complete!
2D platformer, Forced Co-Op play
Choose your tracks, activate your boosts, race to the finish line.
Bullet Hell meets Cowboys meets Tennis
no OS needed
I pledge my honor that I have abided by the Stevens Honor System.
Dual Duels... A duæl, if you would.
A gacha-game placed in the Stevens-universe.
The skates have taken over the school. You must fight and take it back