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The theme is Duæl! Happy Jamming!



1st place: Innis Gambit (Adam Gincel)
2nd place: goto Past (Katie Bryant)
3rd place: Escort Mission (Wesley McDowell, Andrew Chen, Keith Morel)

Best Audio Design: SideTrack (Nick Ciulla)
Best Visual: Spectre Fighter (Chris Kuras, Christian Beouwense)
Best Use of Theme: Six Shooter (Chris Byrne)

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A realtime grid-based versus game.
It isn't really complete!
no OS needed
2D platformer for two people on one Keyboard.
Bullet Hell meets Cowboys meets Tennis
Choose your tracks, activate your boosts, race to the finish line.
I pledge my honor that I have abided by the Stevens Honor System.
Dual Duels... A duæl, if you would.
A gacha-game placed in the Stevens-universe.
The skates have taken over the school. You must fight and take it back