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The Stevens Game Development Club's Tenth Game Jam.

The Jam will go a week. All submissions should include the submitter's name. Join us for the Closing Ceremony at 7:10 PM in Lieb 120 on November 18th to see and vote on all of the submissions!

Theme: Spinoff


1st: Tangent - Alex Massenzio

2nd: Smesh - Isaac Hirschfeld

3rd: sneaky facility - James Romph


Best Visual Design: Spinoff 2016 - Ben Blease

Best Audio Design: All This Wood: The Game - Adam Gincel

Best Use of Theme: Krey-Blade - Jake Lovrin

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Beyblade Spin-off
Make them pay for it.
WTFIATWGOOOGDLR? Find out this week!
Role Playing
A smash spinoff built in Python/Pygame/Flask/SocketIO/Redis with Phones as controllers over Websockets!
An action platformer with deep and engaging lore.
Role Playing
Reboot of classic LEGO turn-based strategy game Nightfall Incident