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Make a game involving strange side-effects!

…in three easy steps:

  1. Form a team! (Or go solo if that's your style!)
  2. Make a game in whatever way you want! Tabletop games are cool, too!
  3. Submit your game executable here by Friday 4/13 at 7 PM. (You have a whole week this time around!)

Don't forget to

  • Join the Discord and post WIP screenshots!
  • Bathe, eat, and sleep.
  • Meet back in ATC 3.914 on 4/13 at 7PM.
  • Have fun! This isn't a competition, so don't hesitate to submit broken/unfinished projects!still submit what you have!

Here are some helpful resources:

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A platformer man in 3 days in Unity.
Get drunk, punch hard
He's a square boiiiiiiii
Interactive Fiction
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