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Welcome SGDA Members!

Please join the Fall 2022 Game Jam here and submit your game!


The Jam Kickoff will be at the Makerspace at 7pm Friday, September 23.

We will be livestreaming the Kickoff on our Discord!

Theme:  One's Trash is Another's Treasure

Judging Criteria

Gameplay (Intuitive mechanics, difficulty balance, satisfying gameplay)
Technical (Game performance and technical achievements in art or impressive mechanics)
Visual (Aesthetic and art direction, lighting, VFX, animation, etc.)
Audio (Use of Sound across the game, Feedback, Music Score)
Community (Vote for your favorite game here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>)

Submission Rules

1. Jam Games are due at 11am Sunday, September 25, with one extra hour (noon) for itch submission.
2. The game must be created by only those on the team during the weekend of the jam.
3. Premade assets are allowed and must be credited on the game's itch page.
4. Use any Game Engine -- Unity, Godot, Gamemaker, etc.
5. Submit either a WebGL build (recommended) or a zipped Windows build.
6. No NSFW content.


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Scavenge as a hungry raccoon in this survival horror game.
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Survive by turning space debris into fuel and shooting your way to victory.
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You are fleabag. You are hungry for trash. The rats are hungry for flesh.
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A fun Space based resource collecting game
One's trash is another's treasure!
Yet Another Trash Rougelite (unless it happens to be your treasure)
A very short (~5 min) game about being a vacuum.
Interactive Fiction
Racoon Steal Trash LIGHT SCARY!
Trash racing for trash racers
Help Tob run his shop and fill out his customer's audacious orders!
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