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What is this Jam?

The SG-1000 Jam is for making a game over a 2 week period inspired the gameplay feel and aesthetic of the Sega SG-1000 system. The SG-1000 was first released in Japan on July 15th 1983. It was Sega's debut home video game system pre-dating the more better known Master System and Mega Drive/Genesis. Below is an example of some SG-1000 video games in action to give you an idea of what this little known system could achieve visually.

SG-1000 Technical Specifications 

CPU: Zilog Z80 @ 3.58MHz

Memory: 1KB of Ram

Media: Cartridge, Cassette, Sega My Card memory card

Display resolution: 256 x 192

Colour Palette: 


- Try and keep your game in a 256 x 192 resolution

- Try and stick to the colour palette 

- Make your game free so everyone can vote on it

- Make your project within the jam time 

- Be respectful and not overly offensive

- Respect the community 

- You can team if you desire to do so

- Any engine is allowed

- Please do not submit any projects made outside of the jam

- Assets not made yourself are allowed but please state if you have used them and make sure they look suitable for the theme of the jam

- Have fun!


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