This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-12-07 10:00:00 to 2023-01-07 10:00:00. View 68 entries

SeedComp! is a 2-round interactive fiction game jam, focusing on creativity and the growth of ideas. 

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SeedComp! is separated into 2 distinct rounds: Planting and Sprouting. You can take part in either or both. The first round runs from Dec 7th to Jan 7th, the second from Jan 9th to March 1st.  You can sign-up to Round 2 here

All indicated deadlines are set to midnight UTC -10/HST time. Don’t worry, Itch translates it to your local time automatically.

Round 1 : Planting

During the 1st Round, Planting, you are invited to submit 'seeds' into the competition. These seeds can be absolutely anything, from game introductions, pieces of art, blurbs, design documents, puzzles, poems, characters, I7 extensions, settings, feelies, or even code!

You can submit:

  • As many 'seeds' as you'd wish.
  • Unfinished  IF projects, only if you are the author of said entries.
  • NSFW  seeds as long as content warnings are included.

Other guidelines:

  • Seeds must be your own creation and licensed under a CC BY-NC licence, CC-BY license or equivalent, or a less restrictive license.
  • All seeds must be downloadable.
  • While there is no minimum word count for static text seeds (like blurbs/intros), we encourage you to submit more than just one sentence.
  • All seeds will be screened by the organisers for trolling/abuse.

If your seed is not selected during this edition of the SeedComp!, you may choose to keep it in the seedbank and make it available for future editions until it is used.

Round 2 : Sprouting

During the 2nd Round, Sprouting, you can sign-up your intent to use Seeds (optional, via this form [TBA]) and submit your entry to Round 2

 Discussion of seeds is encouraged in both our Discord and the Community Tab.

Submission Guidelines:

  • All entries must be Interactive Fictions.
  • All entries must be completed games. While there is no requirement in length, a reasonable target is about 15-30 minutes to play.
  • All entries must be based on at least one seed from Round 1. You may choose to incorporate more  or all seeds if you wish to. 
    • The entries must follow the licensing type of the most restrictively licensed seed used (indicated on the seed page).*
  • All entries must indicate the seeds used in their submission form.
  • Seed use is not exclusive to one person, multiple people can sign up for the same seed.  There is no 'dibs'.
  • You may use your own seed from Round 1.
    • While you may use only your own seed, this does go against the spirit of SeedComp! and thus your submission won’t be eligible for awards.
  • Content Warnings must be displayed when submitting the entry.
*The entries must follow any restrictions placed by the license of the seeds used. So, attribution of the seed author if CC-BY, and additionally must be non-commercial if CC-BY-NC. If some other license was used, it must follow the restrictions, if any, placed by that license.

You can also opt out of receiving awards on your own when submitting. Organisers can submit entries but are not eligible to receive awards. 

We encourage you to provide a downloadable copy of your entry in your game page, for accessibility purpose.

Possible Softwares to create Interactive Fiction:

Playing and Voting for Awards

All Sprouting entries will be made available to play shortly after Round 2 ends. 

Unless opted-out, every entry is eligible for Awards. Awards are titles set by the organisers (such as Best OverallBest UIBest Puzzle, etc..). However, every entry can also be nominated for Stickers, which are unique awards submitted by voters for a specific entries (note: all stickers will be screened by the organisers). 

Awards will also be awarded to seeds, such as Most signed-up Seed, or Most Finished Entries for a Seed, etc..

You will be able to vote for Awards and submit Stickers starting March 2nd/3rd until March 31st through this form. The results will be released early April.


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You're the owner of the Witch's Bakery, and you're knee-deep in debt.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Not a game - a seed
A seedy sort of game demo.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Not a game - a seed.
You have been shrunk to the size of a toy. Things are amiss in Toyland. Can you help out?
Need a ready-made hero with ready-made problems? Here they are!
You are carrying: some stolen apples, a birthday party hat, and a blood-stained shirt.
This is not a game. It is a seed for a game for SeedComp.
Write a text adventure set on an offshore oil rig.
A seed for SeedComp! 2023 — Round 1: Planting — UPDATED 12.28.
Three related tracks, for use as looped game soundtracks (released under CC-BY)
This is a seed for SeedComp, not an actual game.
This is not a game. It is a seed for a game for SeedComp.
Not a game - a seed.
A seed for SeedComp-not an actual game.
This is not a game. It is a seed for a game for SeedComp.
Not a game - a seed.
Not a game: a seed for seedcomp
Not a game-- an artwork seed for SeedComp
A Short prompt for Seed Comp!
A Blake-inspired Inform 7 puzzle seed
Interactive Fiction
not a game- a seed for seedcomp
a seed for the SeedComp
A seed for SeedComp (not an actual game)
A concept for an interplanetary reality game show.
Run in browser
Not a game-- an idea seed for SeedComp
Starting room description
It's got everything you need, and don't.
A second seed for SeedComp! 2023 — Round 1: Planting.
A Sci-Fi Horror
You find yourself in the middle of what does not appear to be a room.
Fictional employee manual for the Royal Space Navy. Entered as a seed into SeedComp 2023.
A liminal space--a seed for SeedComp
For seedcomp only: not for playing (boring)
Play in browser
Not a game just part of the Seedcomp game jam
​A seed for SeedComp - a card-swiping storytelling game, inspired by Reigns and Lapse
Interactive Fiction
A Robotic Escape Room
This is not intended for play!
Play in browser
Not a game - a seed.
a little song that was inspired by twin peaks but doesn't sound too much like twin peaks
For SeedComp 2023: an understudy tries to bluff their way through a play
not a game: a seed for seedcomp
Not a game: a seed for seedcomp
a poetry seed for seedcomp2023 round 1.
Run in browser
Not a game. List of 15 dreams I've had, for SeedComp.
A poem for SeedComp! 2023
A short music loop for SeedComp!
Not a game. A short list of locations for SeedComp.
Escape from the cycle of reincarnation as an AI.
A seed for SeedComp
Run in browser