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The 6th Annual Seattle Indies Game Jam is here!!!! (& 3rd Annual as a Slow Jam!) This year is another fantastic SLOW JAM that will take place online from 11/4 - 11/20. Suggestions for this year's theme will be suggested by our Patreon supporters and then voted on by the rest of the community!!! :) 


"A Strange Dungeon" !!!!!!!

All communication for the jam will happen on our Discord in the Seattle-Indies-Slow-Jam category join here:   There is a special 'Seattle Indies Game Jam' section with all sorts of channels! :) Even though the jam is online- we'd love to create an environment that feels more like an in-person game jam. Because of this there will be places to post WIP stuff if you'd like and also have socials scheduled throughout the jam for those that want to socialize a bit/see how other teams are doing! :D Also not from Seattle? - No Problem! We have members from across the world and as long as you follow the community guidelines you are absolutely welcome!!! :D 

Jam Schedule:

Friday November 4, 2022

  • 6PM: Join us in #SIGJ-Voice channel for opening presentations and the theme reveal
  • 6:30PM - 7:30PM: Brainstorming and team forming, use the #sigj-looking-for-group channel to advertise your skills and find people to work with
  • 7:30PM: Pitches - reconvene in #sigj-voice to give and listen to pitches for your game ideas. Each person who wishes to pitch will have 30 seconds to give an overview of their game, what their skillset is and the types of people they would need to finish their idea
  • 8:30PM: Start Jamming!

Saturday November 5, 2022 (Social)

  • 1PM - 8PM: Join our usual Saturday Coffee Break meetup in the #coffee-break channel for help with your game or just to meet other developers in the Seattle Indies community and see what they are working on.

Wednesday November 9, 2022 (Social)

  • 7PM: Late-Night Coffee Break- Join your fellow jammers for some late night chats/jamming together! 

Saturday November 12, 2022 (Social)

  • 1PM - 8PM: Indie Support Group and Milestone feedback - join our usual Saturday Coffee Break meetup for some help with your idea on the #coffee-break channel and we'll have mentors available to give feedback and technical help with your game in the #sigj-ask-a-mentor channel

Wednesday November 16, 2022 (Social)

  • 7PM: Late-Night Coffee Break- Join your fellow jammers for some late night chats/jamming together! 

Saturday November 19, 2022 (Social)

  • 1PM - 8PM: Join our usual Saturday Indie Support Group meetup in the #coffee-break channel for help with your game or just to meet other developers in the Seattle Indies community and see what they are working on. Last night of the jam! 

Sunday November 20, 2022

  • 12PM: Submissions due! Upload your game AND a trailer/gameplay video
  • 7 PM : Showcase Celebration!!! Join us on the Seattle Indies Twitch!


Similar to the Global Game Jam's diversifiers, these optional themes can add secondary constraints to your project. These are a fun way to spice up your ideas / brainstorm different things! :D Some of these are from last year because they are DYNAMITE.

  • Accessibility
    • Read & Say - Make a game that has the option to turn on subtitles for any voiced over dialogue
    • Soundspace - Create an Audio Game that can be played with sound only. No visuals required! 
    • Settings, Ahoy! - Allow users to change their control schemes, visual settings, audio settings or something similar!
  • Audio/VO
    • Super Ensemble - make a game that has 4+ voice actors who have very different personality traits
    • Water Bottle - Every sound in your game must be made with water bottles
    • Digital Conductor- Make a game where the SFX and Music are tied to the player's actions
    • (Feat.) - Have the game's music be created by more than 1 Musician! 
    • Future Symphony - Compose a classical score that is played by non-traditional synths and instruments 
    • Cookin' Up Beats - Include a song that features 3+ different kitchen appliances or food as instruments
    • The 90s Seattle Scene - One word: GRUNGE
  • Narrative
    • More Than One Right Answer - include multiple endings that respect player choice from earlier in the game
    • Do You Like Me Y/N - give NPC's an opinion on the player and a system by which the player can change that opinion
    • Heard But Not Seen - include a character who talks but the player never meets in person
    • Once Upon a Time... - make a game that is inspired by a fairytale but one (or more) major thing in the story has changed
  • Art
    • No Thanks - Purposely lean into making your game look as visually unappealing  as possible. You may find it looks better than expected!
    • Fashion Souls - Give players options to change outfits
    • Holiday Joy - Pick a Holiday. Allow this Holiday to inspire your artistic direction.
    • Bottle Episode - Have your entire game take place in a single, beautifully designed and detailed environment
    • Renaissance Ego - Insert a likeness of yourself somewhere in your game
    • Gameboy Game hehe - Make a game that looks like a gameboy game. 
  • Gameplay
    • Violence is Never the Answer! - Make a non-violent game inspired by a genre commonly known to feature violence (fps, moba, souls-like, rouguelike) 
    • Infinite Possibilities - Dive into the world of procedural generation. If you’re looking for a sign to try out proc gen this is it!
    • Aquatic Amore - Many people agree that water levels in games are the best levels. Create a game that features a water level or is set completely in an aquatic environment
    • A Smol Hero - Play as a tiny character. Everything looks HUGE!  (Example: Toy, Bug, Fairy, other small things)
  • Team
    • Time to Dream - for the entire jam everyone on the team gets a full night’s rest
    • Keeping it All Together - Have at least one producer on your jam team 
    • A Common Goal - Form a team based on common goals you have for the jam / what you’d like to get out of the jam.
    • Frankenstein’s Game - Each team member thinks of one of their past projects. Take elements/concepts from each of the projects and combine them to create a new game. 
    • Cat - Make everything in your game out of cat pictures, cat sounds, anything cat, etc. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING IS CAT.


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Interactive Fiction
A mini escape room for all my DEER friends
Play in browser
A Visually Terrifying Rhythm Game
Outcasts Gobkin, a fluffy white rat, and a half-assembled skeleton must unite to defend their dungeon.
Enter the dungeon and fight back against that most heinous of evils: student loan debt!
Cook food and make your way out of this dungeon full of hungry villagers to escape your execution.
For the Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2022
Play in browser
Arcade-Style Rail Shooter & Platformer for the Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2022
Play in browser
tactical rpg about a lich who makes bad decisions.
A short and peaceful game about furnishing your own dungeon as a capybara.
Voice Controlled Dungeon Crawler
Role Playing
Save your town by destroying the demonic portals and whatever is inside them
Role Playing
Play in browser
A strange dungeon made for the Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2022
Apprentices ponder personal responsibility amidst the apocalypse
Interactive Fiction
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