Submissions open from 2019-12-05 23:00:00 to 2019-12-15 23:00:00
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Rejoice! ☼

You have arrived at a familiar clearing. A crowd has gathered around a central idol. There is merriment and laugher, delicious food and beautiful things. But something is amiss. Something... sinister is afoot. And you suspect that it is not of this world...

The OPTIONAL theme for this horror jam is SUPERSTITION - You could tell a tale as old as time, recount a recent experience, or make something up to scare your friends - just how you'd like to play with the part of the human psyche dedicated to the paranormal is up to you.

About the Jam ☼

Scream Jams are horror-themed game jams made to encourage devs to get their spook on! From straight-up scares to interactive fiction and role-playing games, scream jams encourage all creators to try making something spooky every few months, often based upon an optional theme or season.

The Dates ☼ 

Scream Solstice runs from 10AM AEST December 6 to 10AM AEST December 16, with the voting ending at the time of the December Solstice, 3:19PM AEST December 22!

For you American folks, that's December 21 at either 8:19PM on the west coast or 11:19PM on the east coast!

☼ The Scream Scene ☼

You can join the Scream Zone Discord for announcements and conversation by clicking this link. We have a great community and welcome newcomers!

You can also join us on Twitter @SCREAMCATALOGUE and @caveware, or start a conversation on the discussion board!

☼ Rules ☼

About submissions

  • Submissions for the jam should be original and based mostly on something you've made in the jam period, preferably for the jam itself.  However, using part of existing assets/projects to make setting up easier is fine! Pre-made/bought assets are cool if you have permission to use em too!
  • Scary and disturbing content is welcomed, but anything that could be particularly sensitive to players should be flagged in a submission description! To make sure the jam is a positive and inclusive experience for everybody, we reserve the right to request modification or removal of really nasty stuff :) 

About voting

  • There is a best game category,  and a private host's choice category for those games that were the highest quality overall! Also, there's a scariest game category, for the game best fitting the horror genre.
  • Voting is open, but we reserve the right to take any submissions down that are clearly vote brigaded.

☼ Frequently asked questions ☼ 

Q. Does my game have to be a certain format?

A. Nope! We welcome games from any platform, using any engine, for any OS.  So you could write a story using Twine, or submit rules for a traditional game if you're feeling up for it!

Q. Does my game have to be a certain type/theme?

A. The jam has a loose focus on horror-themed submissions. How you interpret that is up to you, and we don't really police it! In the spirit of the jam, we do ask you make some effort to keep it in tune with the horror genre. As for the theme, it's completely optional!

Q. Can I work on multiple games?

A. As long as each game was started during the jam period, that's absolutely fine! Just don't over-work yourself!

Q. Does my game have to be finished/polished? Can I work on the submission afterwards?

A. No stress! Submit whatever you've got. Of course, you're more than welcome to keep working on the game after the jam has ended, however the jam will be closed to new uploads until the voting period is over. If this is an issue as a major bug is found in your game, we can turn off the closure for a sec, so no worries!