Submissions open from 2024-05-24 00:00:00 to 2024-06-07 00:00:00
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Scratchers! Welcome to Scratch Game Jam #15.

Scratch Game Jam is a 14-day-long Scratch game development jam that occurs monthly on

We look forward to working with the next generation of creators to co-create the world.

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Attention everyone, please rise to your feet! The Scratch Game Jam Host has arrived and he's here to take this event to the next level. So, let's give a thunderous round of applause to our Scratch Game Jam Host, the one and only exodusk!

Gandi IDE is an in-browser game engine, a mod of MIT Scratch with collaboration features that allow scratchers to design and code together in real-time.
Scratch Community Sever is the major Scratch community in Discord. The server is a great place to talk, share ideas and collaborate beyond the limitations of Scratch.
ScratchTools, sponsoring this game jam, is a community-built Chrome and Firefox extension made for Scratch. It makes Scratching easier through hundreds of edits to the Scratch UI to make Scratch better than ever.

It will be reveal at May 24th.

It will be reveal day by day before May 24th in our community!

Any kind of game is okay! But always remember that it needs to fit the theme.

This is an exclusive engine jam. Only submissions created using the Scratch or Scratch mods, such as Gandi IDE or TurboWarp, will be allowed.

You must upload it as HTML5. Remember to make it playable in the browser. Submissions not including this will be removed. Gandi IDE can help you, and Here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Teams are okay! You can create solo or in a group. Gandi IDE's collaboration feature can help your team.

You can use certain assets or code snippets from your previous project, but it is not recommended to copy an entire project directly. Please make sure not to use someone else's project. Remember, the fun of a Game Jam lies in the challenge of creating something new within a limited timeframe.

Any attempt to obtain NG through fraud or other means is not allowed. The team takes these situations seriously. Enjoy Scratch Game Jam.


We will invite all contest participants to vote with Host&Partners.

Games will be rated on these criteria:

★ Enjoyment: How did you like the game?

★ Design: Includes many things, like balance, level design, gameplay experience, creativity, etc.

★ Presentation: Was the game delivered in a good way? How was the consistent aesthetic?

★ Theme: Does this game belong in this jam?

🍦Gandi IDE Offers

Each entry will make the host add 1,000 NG to the Creators' Treasure Pool. The Creators' Treasure Pool will be distributed according to rank.  Each tier will share the rewards equally.     1st - 50% of the Treasure Pool     Top 20%(except 1st)- 25% of the Treasure Pool     Top 20%~50% - 15% of the Treasure Pool     Top 50%~ - 10% of the Treasure Pool 🔶Best "Made with Gandi IDE" game: 1,000 NG   🔶Participation prize for "Made with Gandi IDE" games: 200 NG.      Follow these instructions to be eligible for Gandi IDE prizes!   🔷1. Make a game using Gandi IDE!    🔷2. Submit your game to the jam. Don't forget to add "[Gandi IDE]" before your game's title!

We hope to see you participate and look forward to what you'll make.