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Sometimes games don't work out. Feature creep renders them unmanageable. You make a nice prototype but can't figure out what to do with it. You have a grand plan that goes to hell because its scope is beyond your current ability. And so your hard drive becomes home to the scraps of your games, a solemn reminder of your failures.

Does this sound like you!? Then join Scrappy Jam! Pack up all your scraps and put them out in the world. Achieve catharsis through release. Let players enjoy your beautiful messes. Get SCRAPPY.


  • Release as many of your unfinished games as you want in a pack! You can release only one game if you want
  • You CAN work on your games! But you don't have to. Release them however you want!
  • But don't work TOO hard! The idea is to get the weight of your failures off your mind, not make a perfect (or even good) game
  • No bigotry, hateful, or harmful stuff please


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Collection of our mental ramblings of games, comics, animations etc.
Catan with more exploration and without buildings
Put together for the Scrappy Jam!
Tower defense with cards
unfinished junk for scrappyjam
play basketball
Finger Reflexxx
Scrap pack of failed games for #scrappyjam
Three unfinished game scraps
Old Game in 3d
Play in browser
Metroidvania game