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This Jam:

This is a jam just for fun for fans of the SCP foundation.  A Jam without restrictions and no stress.

About SCP Foundation:

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that is the subject of a web-base collaborative writing project of the same name. The stories generated by the project describe the exploits of the Foundation, supposedly responsible for containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). (From the wiki)


No prizes for this, is just for fun.


You can go to the SCP Wiki Page and select a SCP you like and create a game on based on the WikiPage, alternatively you can create your own SCP without the need of using a Wiki entry as template.

If you like you can also use multiple SCP's or none. The rules are very flexible.

You can submit previous created projects and use already existing prefab/art.

Remember to have fun!

Useful links:

SCP Foundation Wiki

Top Rated SCP Pages

Open Game Art (Game Assets)

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