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Score Wars is a new live-streamed video gaming tournament presented by Meow Wolf. For our first-annual Score Wars, we’re bringing together the best Galaga players on the planet for an epic four-day throwdown to smash world records and crown a new Galaga champ!

Score Wars: Galaga World Championship takes place Thursday, March 29 to Sunday, April 1, 2018 at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM – home to the phenomenal immersive arts experience, the House of Eternal Return. Score Wars will be live on Twitch, brought to you by Meow Wolf, XSplit, and BANDAI NAMCO.

It's Game Developers VS. Arcade Pros! Make awesome games to challenge the top pros in the arcade!


You're the best... AROUUNNNND!

Jam Rules!

1. Theme will be revealed on Thursday March 27th at the start of the Jam.

2. Your game must have a way to score and have a leader board

3.  Game must be playable on Windows 7 or higher

4. All games must be in by the April 1st 12:00pm MST

5. A panel will judge games and pick which ones pros will go up against live on Twitch!

Additional Challenges!

Use these additional challenges to enhance your game!

  • Deploy to Arcade - Make a game that works on the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild Arcade Cabinet
  • Every Button - Use every button
  • Single Button - Use only one button
  • Challenger Approaches - Make a multiplayer highscore game
  • Co-Op Coin-Op - Make a co-op arcade game
  • Steal like an artist - Use a mechanic from an arcade classic



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Control 4 paddles to get the highest score!
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Help a poorly programmed character survive by jumping through 3 different game worlds.
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An arcade rpg board-game. Project Incomplete
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Punch aliens with giant boxing gloves. In space. With a spaceship. With giant boxing gloves.
you are a alien spaceship you have to destroy as many boulders as you can