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UPD: OK, topic is radio telescope. Enormous satellite dish is good too. Find something like this:



Making games means fun, no doubt here. But what about playing? I bet you like it as I do.

Come on, let's grab our virtual cameras and go to our favorite games for hunt on scenic views, funny situations and rare items.

There are some little restrictions to make it interesting:

  1. Screenshot must be on given topic, which I will reveal at jam start, on friday, 16th of february. Topic examples: "Rusty old pickup", "Christmas", "Train station", "Broken heart" etc. Hope, you catch the idea. Try to keep on topic, but be creative as well.
  2. Please, don't use mockups / graphic editors. Only actual screenshots from playable games. Though, you can create small game or use modding tool on existing one if nothing else suits your idea.
  3. Use your own screenshots, please. But not necessary taken during jam: old ones will make the trick.

You can submit any number of screenshots from any kind of game, no matter modern on ancient one, big AAA title or tiny indie. Voting is just for fun and is open for everyone.

Looking forward to see your outstanding pics.



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